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A note from the founder

My name is Mike, and I'm the founder of Adagio. I'm a jazz musician and, as my career progressed and I played more gigs, it became increasingly difficult to stay on top of paid and unpaid gigs.

That's why I created Adagio.

If you are probably a musician like me, I'm excited for you to try Adagio and track your first gigs!


Mike Rubini

Founder, Adagio

Adagio CRM for musicians

For musicians, by a musician

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Manually add gigs, or import them automatically from Bandsintown®, to quickly see how many gigs you played, which were paid and which were not.
Adagio CRM for musicians
Adagio CRM for musicians


A smart feature reminds you about upcoming gigs, unpaid gigs and venues you played years ago. Reaching out to those venues is a quick way to add more gigs to your tour!

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